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Computer Recycling Services

computer recyclingComputer recycling services are provided by Intercon We ensure the proper disposal of your obsolete electronic equipment and are dedicated to maximizing your returns while also protecting the environment.

Too many misdiagnosed computers end up in our land fills every year. These PC's and other electronic equipment take up space and cause unnecessary strain on the environment. The improper disposal of electronic equipment has become a national problem. Through our experiences and training we have obtained the knowledge and ability to take a proactive lead in this area.

As a computer recycling specialist, Intercon follows all EPA guidelines. In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency banned the landfill dumping of CRT's and in 1993, they began targeting companies that dispose large quantities of CRT's through landfills. Many state and local agencies are now monitoring the disposal of CRT's and other computer equipment.

Intercon can handle all of your computer recycling needs and ask you to help us work towards an environment friendly future.

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